Netvision is a market leader in human capital solutions and efficiency applications for large commercial shipping, fleet management operations and offshore industry. It provides maritime crew management software and IT services, with capabilities in developing cost-effective solutions for fleet manpower requirements. Netvision builds integrated solutions for all types of commercial vessel operations, whether they are tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, offshore vessels or drilling rigs.


Being a true leading advocate of cloud computing in the maritime industry, Netvision offers unparalleled power and scalability in managing, migrating and securing large volumes of sensitive, business-critical data at very nominal cost.

In order to succeed in today's world and stay ahead of competition, Netvision believes in the importance continuous innovation. The constant drive to innovate and adopt new approaches is key to the company's pursuit of growth and success.

Netvision is now part of Ocean Technologies Group a global maritime learning technology company serving an unrivalled network of over 1,400, 20,000 ships and over one 1,000,000 seafarers across the globe. The group is dedicated to empowering seafarers and the companies they serve to achieve the highest standards of safety and operational excellence.